Does charlotte's web gummies have cbd?

Our sleeping gummies are formulated with our full-spectrum CBD and contain 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin in each serving. Charlotte's Web, 10 mg CBD Gummies: Soothing, Full Spectrum, Lemon and Lime, 60 units, 300 mg CBD COA. If you find yourself going around and around a lot during the night, Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies might be just what you need. Charlotte's Web, a B-Corp CBD company, is dedicated to using the power of business for the benefit of the planet and began as a quest to help a young girl with a rare form of epilepsy through the powers of CBD.

Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies have a delicious raspberry flavor and should ideally be taken 2 to 3 hours before sleep while reducing exposure to light. Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies can help promote more regular sleep cycles, meaning you'll get a more restful sleep to help you cope with your days. Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies are also great for recovering from jet lag or for adjusting your sleep schedule if you work at night and find it difficult to sleep outside of working hours. With a delicious citrus and sour flavor, Charlotte's Web Calm CBD gummies with lemon balm extract can help bring some calm and focus to your day.

The best time to take Charlotte's Web Recovery CBD gummies is after training so that you feel relaxed and agile.

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